Posted: Community Confab – September 24, 2020

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Note: The time notes here are approximate 🙂

Minute 12 – Ram kicks us off with a question on the Cloud Five-Pack: we discuss the merits of 5 Office 365 vendors who do you use? (based on invoicing, partner programs, margins and more)

Minute 37: Lynette shares more about the outcome of the “bad” potential client and how the issue was resolved. Folks shared their thoughts over withholding passwords as leverage to get past-due invoices paid – a good idea or not?

Minute 43 – Burak asks about Level I vs Level II techs – who does what at what level? How do you handle a Level I tech working on something out of their pay-grade and taking too long?

Minute 50 – On more of a personal note, we chat about the merits of smart watches

Minute 59 – Work life balance – how do folks handle the transition from work to home-life when we’re all working from home?