Weekly Community Confab – Starting April 9th


Starting April 9th . . .

We are creating a weekly Community Confab from now until the end of June.

Basically, we’re opening up the Zoom channel and inviting all members to come hang out, ask for help, offer help, and generally be available to one another during the Virus Lockdown.

At the end of that period, we’ll decide whether it’s useful to continue meeting weekly. Note: This does NOT replace the standard “Third Thursday” monthly member meeting.

My goal here is NOT to discuss the virus endlessly. Or, at all, if that’s possible.

What I would like to do is to discuss your business, how you collect cash and save money, how to implement managed services and recurring revenue opportunities during the downturn,

Possible Topics:

  • Cash is King
  • Collect all accounts now
  • Get paid in advance
  • Make a plan. The immediate future is visible. The near future will come into focus very quickly.
  • How we survived the 2008-2009 recession: Managed Services and Cloud Services
  • Branding is everything you do – even in hard times
  • Right now, that means helping clients survive
  • Take credit cards – and every other payment you can. Refer back to “get paid in advance”
  • Maintaining employee culture during separation
  • Implement changes during the “dip”
  • Client communications: Are you spreading clutter, confusion, or clarity?
  • Be prepared for the stages of the recession
  • Recurring Revenue is your savior
  • Client Roadmap meetings
  • Working from home – stage two (upgrades)
  • Remote work security assessments
  • Move to cloud storage
  • You were an expert in remote work before the “social distancing” began.
  • When your clients downsize, help their former employees. These people know you. You can help them set up new businesses in the cloud (very low cost).
  • Take this opportunity to start regular communications. Blog or Newsletter.