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Pre-Join FAQs

No, you don’t. We get lots of members who are transitioning from break-fix to Managed Services and we can help with that. 

We also have some members who are quite successful at Break-Fix! 

While Karl is one of the founders of the Managed Service business model, he recognizes other models can be successful too, as long as they’re done right.

Each membership level requires a 1-year minimum commitment. The reason is simple: the sole mission is for to make YOU as successful as possible. Committing to a minimum of one year gives you time to take courses, utilize resources, and apply real, business-enhancing change to your company or team.

No. You are locked in at whatever price you begin your membership.

Occasionally, prices will increase for *new* signups. These increases will not apply to you as long as you maintain a valid membership.

You can be sure that today’s price is the best price to start your membership.

For individual memberships, our best discount is to pay annually. This saves you over 22% percent compared to paying monthly. 

Team memberships are only offered as an annual payment and include up to 10 logons, here at the Community website and also full class passes at IT Service Provider University for the price of 3 individual memberships (2.75, actually). 

Plus, both individual memberships and team memberships get a free all-access pass to all classes at ITSPU, currently worth over $10,000 per student.

We do not run specials, even around the holidays, for discounted memberships. 

Dues will increase for new members in the future. The least expensive time to join is now, guaranteed.

Sure! Upon signing up, we can arrange a 1:1 meeting wherein Karl can help with whatever is on your mind.

The combination of our extensive resource library along with our weekly live calls are full of advice and support for whatever business problem you’re trying to solve. From choosing your tech stack, hiring your next (or first!) employee, and solidifying your SOPs and more, we’ve got you!

But, if you’re looking for in-depth, personalized coaching and accountability, you might consider Karl’s business coaching (not included in Community membership).

Karl takes on 2 coaching clients per year. This intensive program is designed for larger companies ready to take action on improving their business. It also includes a Team Membership to the Community.

Find out more about Business Coaching →

If you have 3 or more individuals (including yourself) that you want to give access to the Community and IT Service Provider University, the Team Membership is by far the most affordable option. 

If you have 2 individuals (including yourself), you could choose to get two individual memberships. And, when you hire your next employee, you could upgrade to a Team Membership at that time. 

If you have questions, please reach out to [email protected] so we can help! 

Note: you can upgrade to a Team Membership at any time.

Of course! Complete the form on this page – both Karl and Kara (and the rest of the team) receive it and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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