About SBT - Small Biz Thoughts

Small Biz Thoughts is dedicated to training and resources for IT consultants. We help IT professionals and managed service providers to be better at the business side of your business. Books, classes, audio programs, checklists, standard operating procedures, and more.

This site is dedicated to Community and Content

On the community side, we have events, webinars, forums, training, and more. We have more than a dozen community leaders who are committed to building relationships and providing education. Our goal is to have an ongoing conversation about the best business practices to embrace in a world of constant change.

On the content side, we have audio programs, white papers, books, videos, checklists, workbooks, and resources to share with your clients. My plan is that I will eventually put all of my content from the last thirteen years into this site.

You can find out more about me at www.KarlPalachuk.com