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Posted: Community Confab November 5, 2020


Main Topics: Mixing Business with Politics (or not), DMARC Reports, and Client Appreciation

It’s election week here in the United States, so we kicked off today’s meeting with some ballot updates and also checked the perception of the political climate from our members in the UK and Canada. This segued perfectly into Burak’s question on handling politics and social issues as a business owner.

12:00 – Question from Burak: From Burak:

Our vertical, and if not all majority of our other clients, are vocal about their political stance. How do you balance staying neutral vs staying silent.

34:50 – Question from Chris: Who are you using for DMARC reports?

Plus what ARE DMARC reports and why do we need them?

44:30 – Vince kicks off a convo on monthly client meetings – best practices and what to cover, etc.

–> Also – everyone is very impressed Vince can get all of his clients in a meeting every month (WHOA!) Are you doing this, too?

We also talk newsletters, client anniversaries, and client appreciation

It’s a good, engaging meeting. Have a watch!