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Posted: Community Confab Meeting – July 30, 2020

Catch up on the recording from this morning’s Community Confab.

We kick off by congratulating Joshua Liberman on making the MSP 501 list for 2020 – hooray, Josh!

Then we dive into this weeks questions:

How do you handle a situation where you have quoted a client a number of hours and you have gone over for unforseen issues. Is it okay to go back to the client and charge them for that? if so what is the best way to present it.

What KPIs do you track and measure for yourself as an owner? Signing two customers a month is currently mine for example

If clients wants to negotiate prices for quotes for hardware or anything else that we quote them on… do you handle this type of client? For example, I quoted the client on Laptop then he responded saying that he wants a laptop for $500 range.

When it comes to selling refurbished equipment….do you recommend selling only new vs used/refurbished equipment? Also, if you recommend used/refurbished equipment, then do you warranty this equipment via Warranty Master???

When hiring Virtual Assistant, (VA) Karl you have mentioned in the past…..I should initially hire a VA….where/how to you suggest to hire highly VA with Tech skills to help out with Tech needs as well?

Plus Amy throws a few links in the chat to keep aware of:

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