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New SBT Roundtable: Agile Methodology in IT Consulting

Beginning in July, we are introducing a new and unique forum for IT consultants - the SBT Roundtable.

Our goal is to create an opportunity to engage in high-level discussions about successful business methods. We will NOT have vendors or sponsors. We will not talk about which RMM to use, or a hundred other topics that are being discussed everywhere else.

Here's our unique format:

First, this is a members-only event for the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community. Members at any level are welcome to join us. Non-members are welcome to become members.

Second, we will have no slides, no canned presentations. Basically, the content will be unique to this forum.

Third, the format is a conversation between two or three industry thought leaders. Our goal is to discuss things at a very high level. Our first session is a great example of that. Panelists are paid to provide unique content to our members. Yes, we welcome questions and participation from the audience.

The inaugural SBT Roundtable features Ryan Morris of the Morris Management Partners and Manuel Palachuk of Manuel Palachuk International. The topic is:

Agile Methodology in IT Service Delivery

July 22nd
10:00 AM Pacific / 1:00 PM Eastern

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"Agile" is a methodology often associated with project management or software development. But Ryan and Manuel actively push consultants to apply agile methodologies to their service delivery. So we thought we'd get these two together to talk about practical ways to improve service (and profit) with this approach.

Agile promises faster (and more appropriate) response to problems without increasing paperwork and bureaucracy. And, at least in software development, it de-emphasizes process in favor of progress. We'll explore what that means for running your service delivery department.

This Roundtable is probably most beneficial for owners and service managers. But, of course, all members are welcome.

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Ryan_MorrisRyan Morris has more than 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, and management in the B2B technology solutions industry – specifically focused on building successful multi-tier channel solutions and profitable solution provider businesses. Ryan has been a pioneering voice for the development of business models and real growth strategies in the IT channel that advance the solution provider, managed services, and cloud solutions markets.

Ryan is a host on The Killing IT Podcast and has been a featured speaker at more than 250 conferences over the years.

Visit his web site at http://www.morrismp.com/.

Manuel_PalachukManuel Palachuk is the author of Getting To The Next Level: A Blueprint For Taking You And Your Business To The Top, and the upcoming book Agile Service Delivery: The Ultimate Secret To Making Work Flow. He has over 30 years of business, management, and training experience in the computer and electronics industries. He has owned several successful businesses, managed several successful IT and MSP service companies, and coached or mentored many more around the world.

Manuel is a thought leader on Agile as applied to Business Strategy and is a featured speaker on this topic.

Visit his web site at https://manuelpalachuk.com/.


Sign Up Now – Key Performance Indicators for IT Service Managers

Key Performance Indicators for IT Service Managers - a FREE members-only class.

Key Performance Indicators

A great new members-only class. Best for: Operations Managers, Owners, and the Service Manager!

Taught By: Karl W. Palachuk

Three Wednesdays
July 15 - 29
9:00 - 10:00 AM PST

3-Week Mini Course
(Yes, the classes will be recorded. Yes, there will be handouts.)

Members: Go Here to get the discount code that takes this class from $999 to FREE.

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More class info and registration:


Register Now: Key Performance Indicators for IT Service Managers

KPIs - Key Performance Indicators - can help you focus your business in the right direction.

You hear a lot about KPIs. But most people don't know where to start. The most common problem with KPIs is the "K" - KEY. Too many people measure too many things. Their search for KPIs leads to bureaucratic overload, loss of focus, and measurement for measurement's sake.

In this super-focused three week course, Karl W. Palachuk guides you through the definition of some specific goals - and measurements - for you IT service delivery.

Yes, we'll cover Sales KPIs and Front Office KPIs. But the primary focus is on fine-tuning the Service Department.

Course Outline

  • What are KPIs / What is not a KPI?
  • The part no one wants to hear . . .
  • Measuring success in your business
  • Leading and Lagging Indicators
  • Red Light, Green Light
  • Make it visible!
  • Exploring Sales and Front Office KPIs
  • Service Department KPIs
  • Integrating KPIs

Includes three weeks of webinar classes with related handouts, assignments, and "office hours" with the instructor. All classes are recorded for download.

This course is intended for business owners and managers. It is particularly useful for the Service Manager or Operations Manager.

Note on Pricing:

This class is FREE to members of the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community. If you're a member at any level, get the registration code there, or email Kara, our Community Manager.

Non-Members pay Only $999
Course registration includes one year of membership in the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community.

A Few Details . . .

  • This course will be three one-hour webinars
  • There will be handouts and "homework" assignments
  • If you wish to receive feedback on your assignments, there will be instructor office hours
  • Class webinars will be recorded and made available to paid attendees only
  • All classes start at 9:00 AM Pacific Time

I hope to see YOU in class!


It’s HERE! The Absolutely Unbreakable Rules of Service Delivery

Woo Hoo !!!

Absolutely Unbreakable Rules

Absolutely Unbreakable Rules of Service Delivery

It’s here at last – for Community Members only.

At long last, my newest book is done. Well, 99% done, anyway. It’s off to the typesetter. Then it needs to be proofread again. But my proofreaders have been super fast. So I really believe the final edition will be out – and in print – by the end of July.

But YOU can get the 99% version now as a member of the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community!

Why These Rules?

These rules will help you align your personal and professional goals while creating “standard operating procedures” to automate successful habits. Notice that “The customer is always right” is not on the list. Why? Because everyone knows that’s not true. Customers are frequently wrong, or would make bad decisions if we didn’t help them to make good decisions.

I don’t waste your time giving lip service to worn out platitudes. Instead, this book is focused on building a great, successful business in the 21st Century. And since the rules are absolutely unbreakable, they will stand the test of time and the changing business environment.


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Weekly Confab Meetings – Time Change

Weekly Confab Meetings have now moved to 9am PST and will continue for the foreseeable future.

Join us!

Every Thursday - 9am PST
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Recorded Webinar: Seven Stages of Wealth

In this recorded webinar, I present my model for growing wealth in your small business. I describe the seven “stages” or states a small business can go through – and why most get stuck going back and forth between two of them.

A small percentage of businesses successfully make their way to the Seventh Stage. But everyone could make it there!

I will also cover the four primary states that an economy might be in. And, as long as we’re at it, we’ll talk about how these two realities overlap one another. Both the state of your business and the state of the economy are always in flux. So there’s no one or two things you can do to “be successful” all the time. Success is literally a journey that never ends.

I have managed, built, bought, and sold a variety of businesses over the last twenty-five years. But none of that makes me an entrepreneur! Being an entrepreneur is NOT the same as owning or running a small business. I consider myself an entrepreneur because I have figured out the Seventh Stage – the stage beyond the daily grind, and beyond simply taking money to the bank.

You can make money without being an entrepreneur.
You can be successful without being an entrepreneur.Preview (opens in a new tab)
You can buy and sell businesses, and even retire without being an entrepreneur.

Recorded June 2020.

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May Member Meeting – Recording Posted

Huge attendance this morning and we went about 30 minutes over.

Announcements include:

  • A huge thank you to presenters and attendees for making the SMB Online Conference so fantastic the last few days
  • We’re continuing the weekly meetings (Community Confab) about how everyone is dealing with the economy. See notes on the Dashboard.
  • We have to change the Zoom link! (Frustrating, we know) - Zoom updated their security so.. fine - we'll send a new link soon and will make it super obvious on the Dashboard
  • NEW Dashboard, menu, and SEARCH FORM available very very soon - perhaps by the time you're reading this! 🙂

Mark your calendars:

  • Killer Combo 2020 - Free class from Sherweb - 5 Weeks, starts June 2nd
  • Service Agreements for IT Consultants
  • The Seven Stages of Wealth in Small Business
    • June 3rd - 9am Pacific / Noon Eastern
    • Register at https://smallbizthoughts.com/events
    • FREE
  • KPIs for MSPs
    • Three Weeks - July 15, 22, 29
    • Members register FREE at https://www.greatlittleseminar.com with coupon code - inside the Community

We had a lengthy discussion of choosing a vertical and considering adding a new one given the current climate, as well as the associated regulations to consider.

We also talked about how to choose the right partner, and had some introductions to new faces.

And more!

Next Scheduled meeting: June 18th !!

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May Member Meeting – May 21st – 9AM Pacific

Zoom Link is here: https://www.smallbizthoughts.org/member_content/monthly-member-meeting-webinar/

2020 Monthly Meetings – Every "Third Thursday"

What a Month! Join us live Thursday, May 21st.

The new monthly meeting schedule is here: https://www.smallbizthoughts.org/member_content/monthly-member-meeting-webinar/

Dates for the remainder of 2020:

June 18th
July 16th
August 20th
September 17th
October 15th
November 19th
December 17th

See you on Zoom!


April Member Meeting – Recording Posted

Great meeting; great attendance!

Announcements include:

  • We started a Forum discussion on offering and finding equipment (e.g., web cams)
  • We're doing weekly meetings about how everyone is dealing with the economy. See notes on the Dashboard.
  • New book: Surviving and Thriving in Tough Times by Nigel Moore
  • New book: Business Plan in a Month by Karl W. Palachuk
  • New book: The Small Biz Quickstart Workbook by Karl W. Palachuk
  • Next 5-Week class is Manuel's Business Strategy Made Easy course
  • Members accessing the new SMB Online conference 

. . . and more!

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New Book – Surviving & Thriving in Uncertain Times – from Nigel Moore

I received permission from Nigel Moore over at the Tech Tribe to offer you his new book for free:

The MSP Owners Guide to Surviving & Thriving in Uncertain Times

The next 12-24 months will see the biggest shift the MSP Industry has ever seen (and likely ever well). Inside this 88 page book, you will discover:

  • What to Do to Give Your MSP the Best Chance of Survival
  • What you Need to do to Thrive when Confidence Returns
  • How to Communicate to your Team & your Clients

The first section (SURVIVE) is your guide to slowing down before the curve. It’s your blueprint for the immediate steps you can take.

The second section (THRIVE) is your guide for the acceleration out of the curve. It’s your blueprint to come out of this thing cooking with gas.

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Just Released: Business Plan in a Month

Non-members can buy this ebook on Amazon 

Build the Roadmap Your Business Deserves

In the long run, it doesn’t matter whether the economy is up or down, shrinking or growing: Businesses with a plan always do better than businesses without a plan! Whether the economy is growing or shrinking, it’s always a great time to bring a little balance in your life, slow down a bit, and put things in perspective.

FREE to Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community Members!

Your business needs a plan.
You can’t succeed without a plan.
Very few people stumble around like Forrest Gump and make it to the top. In fact, zero people achieve that.

You also have to be flexible and spontaneous once you attempt to execute your plan. But, once again, this just reinforces the need for a plan. The planning will help you strategize and consider alternatives to your plan.

More Details here.

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