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November Community Meeting Posted – with Awards!

Check it out!

At the November “First Friday” meeting of the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community, we announced the winners of three awards:

  • Member of the Year – David Streit
  • Community Leader of the Year – Josh Liberman
  • Employee of the Year – Kara Schoonveld

Congratulations to all. After the awards, we had a great round-robin about “wins” and challenges from attendees.

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All Cloud Services in a Month Audio Files Loaded

You can now download and list to all of the MP3 files for the Cloud Services in a Month book.

Note that some need corrections. Greg is working on the fixes. But all the fixes are minor (e.g., mispronouncing a company’s name).

Go to the CSIAM book page to access:

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November Member Call-In Friday Nov. 29th

This will be a great meeting – I promise. Kara – your Community Manager – is going to help run this meeting.

In particular, we have a VERY special topic this month: Community Awards!

Yes. Awards. Maybe even one for you. Join us . . . and the fun.

The last meeting was Awesome! I know it’s hard to tell if you look at the chat room, but with telephone attendees, we had 17 people on the call – and lots of great interaction. Many questions, and Manuel did a good job of engaging folks.

Let’s do it again!

We can talk about whatever you want. Bring your questions and challenges for the group. You might have questions about managed services, hiring, bundling, etc. Whatever’s on your mind.

Final Friday:
November 29th, 2019
9:00 AM Pacific / Noon Eastern

Please email questions to concierge@smallbizthoughts.com. We will address the mailed-in questions first, and then open the phones for any questions you might have.

All meetings are recorded and made available to members.

All member are welcome. You can choose whether to turn your camera and microphone on or off. We’ll respect you either way.

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Members Save $2,000 or More on 5-Week Courses

Monthly Members: Save $200 per class

All 5-Week Classes at Great Little Seminar are only $99 per class for members of the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community.

Class prices will go up to $299/class starting January 1, 2020. But your member price is still only $99 per class.


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We normally have ten classes per year. That means monthly members could save $2,000 in 2020. Annual members could save $2,990 if they take all classes.

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Social Media Supercharge – Week Two posted

Week two is now posted. We discuss the specific tools I used for blogging, podcasting, and echoing everything to social media.

Next week we’ll talk about applying all of this to a specific strategy within your Managed Service business!

Members only. 🙂

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New Audio Program: The Execution Gap

100% NEW Audio Program:

Did you ever make a “decision” and then not implement it? I know I have! This presentation gives some hints to making decisions, committing to them, and executing them.

Audio program with slides. Sixty Minutes. Delivered in a zip file.

Recorded live: October 2019.


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October Member Call-In Posted

The “Final Friday” meeting was great AND well-attended.

I was in Australia and it was about 2:30 AM the next day, so I didn’t attend. Manuel ran the meeting and it was particularly good. Lots of good member exchanges, success stories, and technology information exchange.


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