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Posted: Third Thursday October 2020

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October’s Third Thursday brought about 22 members together – join us next time! Check the Event Calendar for details.

Time stamps are approximate. Chat transcription and relevant links below 🙂

– –

Welcome – We always kick off Third Thursday with a slide deck presented by Karl and Kara –

0:00 – Welcome

1:15 – Zoom audio tip

3:10 – Zoom .ics files have been updated (yay!) We’ll try sharing calendar links again and hope they are more successful

3:50 – What’s New . . . What’s Next

  • Where to find past recorded community meetings
  • New Dashboard – quick tour and Q&A

19:30 – SBT Roundtable with Jay McBain – October 28

23:50 – Next class at Great Little Seminar: Managed Services in a Month

  • Starts next Tuesday, October 20 at 9am

25:45 – New Class and Workbook just for members: 2021: Year of Intention

27:45 – Members have recently published books – congrats! (and go buy them – links below!)

  • James Kernan 
  • Chris Timm

Mailbox – we address submitted questions first (use the form on your Member Dashboard)

33:50 – Question from Laine:

  • Has anyone used FireEye/Mandiant Email Threat Protection services and Endpoint Protection Services with Helix?
    • Has it been good/bad and is the online console easy to use & understand?
  • What Email threat protection services do you currently use, and has been working great for your clients using Google business and Microsoft 365?
    • What endpoint protection services installed on workstations/servers been working great?

36:00 – New member Jaime introduces himself – welcome Jaime!

37:50 – New member Chima introduces himself – welcome Chima!

41:30 – Question from Amit on SharePoint:

  • Is SharePoint as good in terms of access compared to a Windows file server?
  • How “locked down” can you make it

1:01:00 – Suggestions for podcasts guess or anything else – send them in

  • Karl’s daughter just got married so he’ll be giving all of this attention to member from now on 😉

Member Wins and Challenges

  • Vince became a dad again last week with the arrival of his second daughter – Congrats, Vince!!
  • Jeff – how to find Blockchain develops that don’t want a quarter million dollars or a significant stake in the company (or both!)
  • Eric hosted a channel event yesterday with Channel Strong for a food drive – awesome!
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