Posted: Third Thursday – November 2020

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Hooray for Third Thursday!

Very important information: Turns out, some Baby Yodas have wonky eyes. (Thanks, Datto)

That and more in the brief social catch up at the start of the video.

Skip to 09:30 for the start of the Third Thursday presentation

  • SBT Community Meetings: weekly at 9am PST
  • Same link (until January)

. . . skip to Minute 17 so you can skip my PowerPoint ineptitudes 😉 using dual screens really messed me up here..

So Minute 17: Reviewing navigation menus inside the Community

  • Account menu
  • Community menu
  • Resource bar

Highlights: Coupons & Discounts, Direct Messaging other members, where to find events

Plus: The Community has spoken: it sounds like moving forward, we’ll schedule Community Roundtables Thursdays at 9am. This will take the place of a single weekly meeting, but will keep a consistent date and time.

40:04 – New member Kevin takes the floor with an introduction – Welcome, Kevin!

41:35 – Burak asks about Process Plan/Process Street – what are people using to create processes and encourage techs to actually use them. Also – how Process Plan is very powerful and can run lots of automations – any experience on what might be helpful? Bonus: you can build/manage client process templates and sell them as a separate service.

51:05 – Chris brings up a new Datto demo on the site about Microsoft multi-tenant reporting. Turns out no, but Amy shares about Microsoft’s upcoming release of Lighthouse.

54:40 – Andy brings up The Experts Conference – highly technical, short to-the-point presentations – still available as of this writing so go check it out!

57:30 – Vince asks Amy if she’s heard about Lighthouse pricing (spoiler alert: not yet)

58:55 – Amit asks about Huntress after trying to help an old high school colleague whose company was hit with Malware. Amit’s tools didn’t detect the malware so he’s considering new tools. This sparked a good discussion on the actual purpose of Huntress and similar tools. Amy suggests an alternative of Microsoft’s advanced endpoint manager tool. Listen in for more info

1:08:20 – Andy brings up the struggle of wading through the vast options and deciding what to actually install on a client’s machine. How do we choose which services when so many have overlapping features?

1:13:00 – Important Safety Tip (as Karl would say): Beware of fish tanks, they can be exploited and hacked.

We finish out with a chat about Microsoft licensing. This was obviously the most exciting part of the meeting. It’s really too bad we didn’t go on and on and . . .

Join us next time: December 17 at 9am PST