Most Popular Downloads – May 2019


Traffic continues to increase! That’s good.

Of course the increased classes and downloads helps a lot.

Here are the most popular downloads for May 2019. From most popular to least:

  1. Client Onboarding Checklist
  2. Cloud Services in a Month (book) – PDF with downloads
  3. Cloud Services in a Month (book) – Mobi with downloads
  4. Cloud Services in a Month (book) – early release
  5. SOP: Monthly Maintenance
  6. Excel spreadsheet: Examples – Weeding Your Client Garden
  7. Cloud Services in a Month (book) – epub with downloads
  8. Dave Seibert audio program – Client Revenue Rockstars
  9. Sample Client Welcome to Managed Services Letter
  10. Managed Services Operations Manual (book) vol. 2 


Those of you who take the 3-week mini classes will note that several of the most popular downloads are actually handouts posted for the classes. And one thing is obvious: Cloud Services in a Month is very popular.

If you haven’t been digging in and getting value from the community, now is a great time to start!