Cloud Services in a Month – May 5th PDF Release

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Cloud Services in a Month
Cloud Services in a Month

Cloud Services in a Month

It’s here. It’s live. It’s real. May 5th Update.

The PDF edition of Cloud Services in a Month – including 2.5 MB of additional downloads – is now available FREE inside the Small Biz Thoughts Community.

As Promised – All new books that I write will be made available first and free inside the Small Biz Thoughts Community!

This includes the book (over 385 pages) and a bunch of downloads, including price lists, excel spreadsheets, and more. Delivered as one big ZIP file.

More versions (Kindle, ePub) coming soon – free to Small Biz Thoughts Community Members.

May 5th Release: Available for download NOW. All laid out in the final layout. The only thing that’s missing is the Index. Yvonne is working on that and it will be available soon.

Time Line for Release: I am still able to integrate feedback from proofreaders. The “release” edition of the book is now available in PDF format (below). Next up, we will create the index. Then it has to go back to layout, proofreading, and layout again.

Right now, it looks like we are on target to be available on Kindle by the end of May.

And if we’re super lucky, the physical printed book will be available by the end of May as well. That might be pushing it. You see, after it gets laid out in print format, all the editing and proofreading has to start again.

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