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Most Popular Downloads – January 2019


January was very busy. And tons of new content! Traffic and Downloads continue to increase. The Forums are still not used much.

Here are the most popular downloads for January 2019. This is from most popular to least:

  1. Technology Roadmap Questionnaire (#5 in December)
  2. Technology Roadmap Mini-Class
  3. Employee Onboarding Mini-Class
  4. MS Operations Manual, Vol. 1 (#1 in December)
  5. MS Operations Manual, Vol. 4 (#2 in December)
  6. Cloud is No Longer An Option
  7. Manuel’s Service Delivery Backlog Report
  8. Recorded class – Managing the Service Board 
  9. Book: Service Agreements for SMB Consultants
  10. YouTube Mini Class (#3 in December)

As you can see, four items remain on the list from December.

And one this is pretty obvious: The Mini Classes are super popular! I am very grateful that these have taken off. The idea of these classes is that they are engaging, educational, and immediately useful to your company. based on popularity, it looks like we’re hitting the target on this front.

If you haven’t been digging in and getting value from the community, now is a great time to start!



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