Most Popular Downloads – December 2018

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The Community is getting busy. At least with regard to traffic and downloads. The Forums are still not used much. I’m hoping that will improve over time.

This month, let’s look at the most popular downloads for December 2018. This is from most popular to least:

  1. MS Operations Manual, Vol. 1
  2. MS Operations Manual, Vol. 4
  3. YouTube Mini Class
  4. Client Roadmap Mini Class
  5. 68-Point Checklist
  6. Technology Roadmap Questionnaire
  7. Change Plan Workbook
  8. Cloud Readiness Checklist
  9. Managed Services in a Month audio book
  10. Service Agreements Improve Managed Services (audio program)


And overall downloads since the August launch – from most popular to least:

  1. Managing Your Service Board (recorded 5-week class)
  2. Technology Roadmap Questionnaire
  3. Welcome to Managed Services – client facing doc
  4. SOPs for SMBs whitepaper
  5. Network Documentation Workbook
  6. Internet Domain Documentation workbook
  7. Contracts Schedule (Excel)
  8. Monthly Maintenance SOP
  9. 68-Point Checklist
  10. Billability Calculations (Excel)


As always, Thank You for your support.

Karl P.