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Posted: Community Confab September 3, 2020

We tried 10-minute time limits per topic today for the first time. The first ten minutes segued into a second 10-min topic but we got the hang of it after that.

Our meeting kicked off with Laine’s feedback about Karl’s recommendation to read From Good to Great and Great by Choice, both by Jim Collins.

5:50 – Question from Laine: What are the standards you have for your company that you follow every day and that you have new employees follow? For example one of the standards we have is if you say you’ll get back to a customer by the afternoon definitely get back to them. If you’re busy ask your team members for help or tell the client you’ll get back to them the next day at X time. Basically follow through on what you say you’ll do. Another is treat your team members and our customers with Compassion, Integrity, Ohana, and Aloha in everything that we do.

Rabbit-hole topics include:

  • Viewing resources through the lens of your business (e.g. a business presentation from a large corporation and fitting the content to your 2-person shop)
  • Invoicing and terms

27:35 – Next Topic from Vince: looking for advice to take on his first Dentist – he says he’ll take responses offline but, folks are happy to give feedback and share experiences right now 😉

39:40 – Next Topic from Kara: In our upcoming new community platform – does sharing your verticals seem helpful to build connection, network, and learn from each other?

44:00 – Next Topic from Kara: Is there an ethical responsibility for MSPs to report business refusing to follow HIPAA etc in terms of consumer protection

Rabbit-hole topics include:

  • Firewalls
  • Anti-virus – SentinelOne vs Cylance

1:02:35 – Next Topic from Vince: How to differentiate your business and respond to a client who says “I’ve been talking with some other MSPs”

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