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ITSPU – Launched!

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ITSPU Launched in January… And your Member Perks just got an upgrade!

A soft-launch, anyway. You can register for all classes, and a few still have on-demand content being added to them. In the next few weeks, we’ll get the exams ready!

Exams? Yes – It’s more than a name change!

We are moving over all the classes and student logon information from our Great Little Seminar site, which has been running since 2013. AND we are adding quizzes to each of the weekly units.

NOTE: If you took classes on the old site, you have access to the new site, with the quizzes. You have to use your original email to logon. You will probably need to request a password reset. If you have questions, send us an email.

As a member of this Community, you can register for any class for FREE. Head over to your discounts page to grab the code!

And remember: If you’ve taken any class and want to re-take that class, there is no charge. Just log into the the site and click the “My Courses” button. You will see all the courses you’ve previously registered for. If it’s recorded, you can just consume it. If it’s going to be live, you can attend.

This benefit – twenty classes – is worth $5,980/year! – Get your value!

But it gets better . . . a lot better.

The new ITSPU offers certifications. If you study the quizzes for a course, you should be able to pass an Exam based on those quiz questions. You need 80% to pass. Then you will be an ITSPU Certified Professional for that class/topic.

We also have five Pathways:
– Technician
– Service Manager
– Management (intended for owners and manager)
– Front Office (bookkeeping, admin)
– Sales and Marketing

For each Pathway, there are core (required) exams and general exams. If you pass two core exams and three additional exams in a Pathway, you will be a Certified Specialist in that area (e.g., Service Manager).

More Savings: Non-members pay $199 per exam. As a SBT Technology Community member, you pay only $99 per exam. That’s a savings of $100. If you take all twenty exams, that saves you $2,000 more.

Email Kara if you have questions at [email protected]

Not yet a member? Now’s a great time to join!

Want access to this and more? Join the Community to become our newest Member!

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