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Posted – Community Confab – October 1, 2020

Intro – We play a bit of catch up, talk masks for a moment and also the cost of moving across the country. (I just moved from California to Michigan . . . it’s cold here already!)

Also – <insert celebratory streamers here> Chris Timm just release his new book: PSA Profitability – more info on his website:

Minute 10: Casual thoughts on the merits of Reddit – does it give sound IT advice? Is it effective marketing?

Min 15: Chris Timm shares his approach as an Autotask Consultant and what his prices could be (without knowing any specifics about what you actually need)

Min 23: What platform is best for Audiobooks?

Min 40: Anyone successfully implemented scheduling tool (like Calendly) for their technicians to book remote / onsite sessions?

Min 56: Can you recommend any peer groups that is for Startup MSPs that you recommend that is affordable?

Min 66: Are the number of MSPs increasing, decreasing, or static?

Early announcement: Jay McBain will join us for our next Roundtable: October 28th about how to do research that yields surprising results. Details to come!

And then, well, we just sort of visit and chat about nothing in particular. 😉

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