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Posted: Community Confab November 12, 2020


Is it too repetitive if every Community Confab post begins with “Another great meeting”?? Maybe it is. But I won’t apologize for what’s true.

Here’s what happened:

Of high importance in the MSP space: shower curtains make excellent Covid-barriers. Learn more about this, and other covid-related things, at the start.

Chris gives us an update on Marketopia and others share their experience (to whatever degree) working with them. The jury is still out if they’re a good investment. What do you think?

We continue the Marketing talk with MSP programs like Paul Green’s MSP Marketing Edge. Lots of good, insightful information here from the newsletter to where to get blog posts and more. (Like – do you actually have to write them or is there a place to just *get* quality posts?

Switching gears, Joel asks about the finer details of managing monthly server maintenance tasks and Vince has some great advice.

Shameless plug from Karl about the 2021 Year of Intention workbook and class – you should absolutely sign up! (Link below) The workbook is straightforward and super useful (as long as you use it). But, the class will certainly help you kickstart.

See ya’ll next week!