Most Popular Categories: November 2018


Well, it’s been a few months. So we have some actual data on who’s looking at what in the Community.

First, let me spell out what we are eliminating from this list. As anyone looking at web logs knows, you have to eliminate some basic navigational pages. So we are not including . . .

  • The Home Page, Dashboard, Login Page, or the Downloads Page

Those are useful but don’t give us useful information. 😉

So, here, in order of popularity, are the most-visited ares of the Small Biz Thoughts Community over the last four months:

  1. Forums !!! Yes, just as I hoped, people are looking for conversations in the Forums. But most of you are looking and not talking. You need to ask questions, post opinions, etc. It’s hard to get these things started, but I’m sure it will take off.
  2. Classes – Again, as expected. I have been particularly pleased with the popularity of the recent classes. Do yourself a favor and go back and download all the classes. I promise they are worth your time.
  3. What’s New? I’m glad to see this on the list. To be honest, it would be okay if this moved up to #2. I think everyone should bookmark the What’s New section and check it at least once a week.
  4. Checklists. This is an area where lots of folks are looking. That’s good information for me. It means you can rest assured that we’ll be increasing content here. Stay tuned. The December uploads will include more checklists!
  5. Audio Program. Here, you’re sure to be pleased with the amount of material available. Even I didn’t realize how much audio material I had.


Bottom Line: Dig in! Check out the hundreds of resources. Download. Read. Listen. Watch. Enjoy!

Let me know if you have any questions.

And Thank You for your support.

  • Karl P.