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Your 2021 Social Media Cheat Sheet


This is a great tool for all the marketers out there – and every one who just wants to ask a friend to do you a favor.

The Social Media “Cheat Sheet”

The Social Media “Cheat Sheet” is presented as an Excel spreadsheet. This is intended to make your life easier. This asset is intended to help you spread the word effectively on social media – and to get assistance from your friends and business partners to spread the word even faster.

Lazy doesn’t work well

I know: Shocking! But it’s true. If you are lazy, your friends and business partners will be as well. All too often, people will ask for help by pointing to a URL. Now, if their friends share that URL on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, it will do some good. But with just a little effort on your part, you can make it very easy for them to share.

There are many ways to share. It is very rare that someone will write a blog post about your content just because you ask. They might comment on your material because it’s good for their audience. Or you might pay them. But a serious, free blog post is just unlikely.

You can fix this quite easily: Give them a “proposed” blog post or a few paragraphs to use. This gives them a great start – and makes it easy for them to help you.

The bottom line is: You are asking a favor. So, the easier you make it, the better. Don’t make people stop what they’re doing to think of great ways to describe your company, your services, or your offering. Give them the words.