Manuel Palachuk’s Service Delivery Backlog and Metrics Training – Exclusive in the Community!

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Exclusive content from Manuel Palachuk’s Agile Service Delivery training!

Released exclusively in 2019 within the Small Biz Thoughts Community! The only way to get this is here in the Community or as Manuel’s coaching client.

Manuel has created some cool new dials, gauges, widgets, and features here. He has also made it much more focused on the Agile metrics we should be focusing on. (See my January 2019 interview with Manuel on Agile Service Delivery on the SMB Community Podcast.)

This product is too complicated to detail here, so Manuel has created a short How-To video, included in the ZIP file. To be honest, just the video training is worth the $149.95 MSRP for this product. But you get the worksheet for use in your business as well!

The download includes:

1) The new Service Delivery Backlog Report and Metrics spreadsheet with all the new features
2) The Agile Service Delivery Backlog Report and Metrics How-To video – 48 Minutes!!!
3) The Slide Deck for the How-To video
4) The transcripts from the video to allow for random access of things discussed


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