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Seven Stages of Wealth in IT – Audio by Karl Palachuk


Seven Stages of Wealth in IT – Audio by Karl Palachuk


Topics Include:

Highlights and Lowlights from 2014
Cloud Services Going Forward
The Economy and SMB
Strategies for Creating Wealth with your Managed Service Business

We like to call ourselves entrepreneurs. But “business owner” and entrepreneur are not the same thing.

Think about the difference between business people and entrepreneurs. A business person will look at a great idea and see a product, and even how to make money with that product. An entrepreneur will look at the same thing and see how to create a new business venture.

Too many business owners aren’t entrepreneurial at all. They are business people. That means they’re working hard trying to make the business work every day instead of looking at the much bigger picture.

Includes the MP3 audio recording, the slide deck, and handouts one the Seven Stages of Building Wealth in Your I.T. Business – plus a worksheet entitled “Why Does Your Business Exist?”

MSRP $29.95