Done, done, done! The Absolutely Unbreakable Rules – in Three Formats


It’s here at last – for Community Members only.

At long last, my newest book is done! Now in three convenient formats!

  • PDF
  • epub
  • Mobi (Kindle)

A couple of notes:

Downloads are now 100% done. See zip file below.

There will be additional bonus chapters for IT professionals! Stay tuned

Why These Rules?

These rules will help you align your personal and professional goals while creating “standard operating procedures” to automate successful habits. Notice that “The customer is always right” is not on the list. Why? Because everyone knows that’s not true. Customers are frequently wrong, or would make bad decisions if we didn’t help them to make good decisions.

I don’t waste your time giving lip service to worn out platitudes. Instead, this book is focused on building a great, successful business in the 21st Century. And since the rules are absolutely unbreakable, they will stand the test of time and the changing business environment.

In addition to my unbreakable rules, I give advice on identifying your own unbreakable rules. Branding, I remind you, is everything you do in your company: The way you hire, the way you greet customers, the way you document processes, the way you invoice, how you handle difficult conversations, and much more. Your business is a reflection of your beliefs and values. It should be built with intention, not something that “just happened.”

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