Cloud Services in a Month – Now available in Kindle (mobi) format


We’re moving right along here!

Cloud Services in a Month
Cloud Services in a Month

As a member, you can get the new book in whatever format makes you happy. I just uploaded the Kindle (mobi) format.

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From the primary Cloud Services in a Month page, you can choose to download as PDF or mobi format.

To load the mobi file onto your Kindle, but connect a USB cord and copy it over. If you haven’t done this before, there’s only one potential gotcha: Some cords are power only. So if the device doesn’t show up, you might not have a data cable. Place the file in your Documents folder or Downloads folder and it should be accessible.

Note also that this file will not synch between all of your devices. That’s done by Amazon in the cloud. So if you need that functionality, you’ll have to actually buy via Kindle. Sorry.