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December Member Meeting Posted


December Meeting – Planning for 2020

The December Meeting was held on the “Final Friday” of December. We had another good turnout – and a great end-of-year discussion.

Highlight (for me, anyway): Eric reported a 21% increase in revenue in 2019. I wish all of you the same for 2020.

Links mentioned:
1. Register for my State of the Nation webinar January 15th:

2. Managing Your Service Board – 5-Week Class

Monthly members can save $200 and register for only $99 – See inside the Community.
Annual members attend for free. Contact Kara to register – [email protected]

3. Stay tuned for details on the SMB Online Conference 2020

Several members mentioned that they are looking to hire someone in 2020. If there’s interest, I’m happy to moderate a group discussion around this. Of course you can email Kara or me to help you find related resources inside the Community.

Andy mentioned an Akimai webinar that talked about (among other things) buying phishing services as a service on the dark web. I couldn’t get the replay link to work since I wasn’t registered for the initial webinar. BUT I did find the related 13-page PDF: State of the Internet / Security: Phishing — Baiting the Hook (link inside the community).

Note: the Monthly Meeting date will probably be moving: The question was raised about the meeting date for the monthly Member Meeting. The consensus seems to be that final Fridays are too busy and that we would get an even better attendance on another day or week of the month. So we’re going to poll the membership! We’ll also have a link in the monthly newsletter next Friday.