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May Member Meeting – Recording Posted


Huge attendance this morning and we went about 30 minutes over.

Announcements include:

  • A huge thank you to presenters and attendees for making the SMB Online Conference so fantastic the last few days
  • We’re continuing the weekly meetings (Community Confab) about how everyone is dealing with the economy. See notes on the Dashboard.
  • We have to change the Zoom link! (Frustrating, we know) – Zoom updated their security so.. fine – we’ll send a new link soon and will make it super obvious on the Dashboard
  • NEW Dashboard, menu, and SEARCH FORM available very very soon – perhaps by the time you’re reading this! 🙂

Mark your calendars:

  • Killer Combo 2020 – Free class from Sherweb – 5 Weeks, starts June 2nd
  • Service Agreements for IT Consultants
  • The Seven Stages of Wealth in Small Business
    • June 3rd – 9am Pacific / Noon Eastern
    • Register at
    • FREE
  • KPIs for MSPs
    • Three Weeks – July 15, 22, 29
    • Members register FREE at with coupon code – inside the Community

We had a lengthy discussion of choosing a vertical and considering adding a new one given the current climate, as well as the associated regulations to consider.

We also talked about how to choose the right partner, and had some introductions to new faces.

And more!

Next Scheduled meeting: June 18th !!