Seven Keys to Managed Service Success – New recorded presentation

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This presentation starts with a basic assumption: You want a great Recurring Revenue business – perhaps even a Security Services business.

Managed Service has several components:

  • Maintenance-focused service delivery
  • Signed Contracts
  • Flat fee services (NOT AYCE)
  • Prepaid on the first of the month
  • Delivered with a (great) RMM tool
  • . . . And ticketing system

Security Services also have several components:

  • Prevention program (recurring $)
  • Incidence response policies
  • Recovery
  • Ransomware and the news media are your friends
  • Client Education

So what do you need to put all that in place and make money? This presentation is a great introduction to the basics of managed services and getting started in a great business!

Originally presented August 2019.