For the Month of October 2019 . . .

“What’s New” remains the #1 Page – as it should be. I am VERY please to see that there’s a lot of fresh downloads on the list and that folks are poking around and finding all the juicy goodness.

If you ever need help finding anything, please contact

Here’s what YOU (the Community) were up to in September. These are the most popular pages for September 2019.* From most popular to least:

  • What’s New (page)
  • Service Department Roadmap
  • Word Files (page)
  • Checklists (page)
  • Mini Class: Social Media Super Charge Starts November 7th
  • Books (page)
  • Classes (page)
  • SOPs (page)
  • Guided Tour
  • What’s Popular (this page)

* Excludes front page, “About,” and other non-content pages.

These are the most popular downloads for the month, from most popular to least:

  • Client Onboarding Checklist
  • SOP: Monthly Maintenance
  • Workbook: Service Board Building Blocks
  • Book: Network Documentation Workbook
  • Book: Service Agreements for SMB Consultants
  • Class: Move from Break/Fix to Managed Services
  • Checklist: Social Media Tune-Up
  • Excel: Technician Billability Thoughts
  • Checklist: SBT Lunch and Learn Event Checklist
  • SOP: Password Policy Sample

Note: Always check What’s New. And always make sure you’re getting value from the community.

Ping me if you have questions or comments.

– Karlp