Popular Downloads – December

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For the Month of December 2019 . . .

“What’s New” remains the #1 Page.

If you ever need help finding anything, please contact [email protected].

Here’s what YOU (the Community) were up to last month. These are the most popular pages for the month.* From most popular to least:

What’s New (page)
December Member Call-In Page
Service Agreements Book
November Community Meeting Posted
Reminder – Monthly Members: Save $200 per class (page)
Member Call-In September
Mini Class: A Practical Introduction to Relax Focus Succeed
Cloud Services in a Month (book page)
SOPs (category page)
Blogs Page

* Excludes front page, “About,” and other non-content pages.

These are the most popular downloads for the month, from most popular to least:

Book: Cloud Services in a Month
Client Onboarding Checklist
SOP: Monthly Maintenance
Book: Network Documentation Workbook
Book: Managed Services in a Month
Workbook: Service Board Building Blocks
Whitepaper: SOPs for SMBs
Presentation: SOPs that Instantly Increase Profit
Excel: Technician Billability Thoughts
Book: Managed Service Operations Manual, vol. 4

Note: Always check What’s New. And always make sure you’re getting value from the community.

Ping me if you have questions or comments.

– Karlp