Popular Downloads – March

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For the Month of March 2020 . . .
“What’s New” remains the #1 Page.
If you ever need help finding anything, please contact [email protected].

Here’s what YOU (the Community) were up to last month.
These are the most popular pages for the month.* From most popular to least:

  1. What’s New (page)
  2. SBT Forums (archive)
  3. Word Files (archive)
  4. Classes (archive)
  5. Books (archive)
  6. Audio Programs (archive)
  7. YouTube Setup Checklist
  8. Bigger Brains (offer)
  9. Service Agreements (Book)
  10. Mini Class – Build a Client Newsletter that works

* Excludes front page, “About,” and other non-content pages.

These are the most popular downloads for the month, from most popular to least:

  1. Checklist: Client Onboarding Checklist
  2. SOP: Monthly Maintenance
  3. Book: Service Agreements
  4. Network Migration Workbook
  5. Book: Cloud Services in a Month
  6. SOP: Monthly Maintenance
  7. Service Board Building Blocks
  8. Book: Managed Services Operations Manual Volume 2
  9. Book: Managed Services in a Month
  10. Troubleshooting and Repair Log

Note: Always check What’s New. And always make sure you’re getting value from the community.Ping us if you have questions or comments.
– Karlp & Kara