November Member Call-In Friday Nov. 29th


This will be a great meeting – I promise. Kara – your Community Manager – is going to help run this meeting.

In particular, we have a VERY special topic this month: Community Awards!

Yes. Awards. Maybe even one for you. Join us . . . and the fun.

The last meeting was Awesome! I know it’s hard to tell if you look at the chat room, but with telephone attendees, we had 17 people on the call – and lots of great interaction. Many questions, and Manuel did a good job of engaging folks.

Let’s do it again!

We can talk about whatever you want. Bring your questions and challenges for the group. You might have questions about managed services, hiring, bundling, etc. Whatever’s on your mind.

Final Friday:
November 29th, 2019
9:00 AM Pacific / Noon Eastern

Please email questions to [email protected]. We will address the mailed-in questions first, and then open the phones for any questions you might have.

All meetings are recorded and made available to members.

All member are welcome. You can choose whether to turn your camera and microphone on or off. We’ll respect you either way.