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June Member Meeting Posted – Great Stuff!

Member Monthly Call In

Wow. What a great meeting.

Thanks to everyone who was on the June “Final Friday” Member Call.

Topics include:

  • Is the five week Cloud Services class redundant if you’ve read the book?
  • Libsyn update to latest version
  • YouTube 3-week course will be redone
  • Next Class: Creating a Client Newsletter that Works
  • New content includes Lunch and Learn Checklist and 3-week class on How to Get New Clients
  • Why we’re not moving forums to Facebook
  • Monthly featured content = Off-boarding clients. We actually have lots of content related to this. We point out some of the specifics.
  • Member request: Disaster Recovery information (Stay tuned for more information on this. Thanks, Tom)
  • Kudos to Amy B for the amazing content in the How to Get New Clients
  • Discussion of Monthly Meetings
    • Josh recommended having a monthly “theme”
  • Tom asked about the content of the community. Note also that there’s a Welcome Video that walks you around. If you would like a personalized tour, please contact us!
  • There was strong support for taking the book downloads out of the book Zip files and post them as separate checklists. We will do this! This has officially been added to our Summer to-do list.
  • We had a great discussion about service agreements, attorneys, and how much it costs to have an attorney review your contracts
    • . . . and lots of details related to service agreements, lawyers, and templates


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