July Member Meeting – Recording Posted


We had a great meeting this morning that went about 1 hour 40 minutes – I guess we like each other 🙂

Members: Catch the replay and view the chat transcript:

It was Third Thursday, so Karl kicked it off with community announcements:

  • Huge thanks and welcome to our new members! We’ve grown quite a bit over the last month and are so happy to have you!
  • New Books available inside the Community
    • The Absolutely Unbreakable Rules of Service Delivery by Karl Palachuk – pre-released here. Have a read and give your feedback to Karl!
    • Survive and Thrive in Uncertain Times by Nigel Moore
    • Business Plan in a Month by Karl Palachuk
    • The Small Biz QuickStart Workbook by Karl Palachuk
  • New Class on KPI’s started yesterday
    • 3-Week class July 15, 22, 29
    • Grab your discount code and register for FREE at Great Little Seminar
    • Email Kara for help
  • New SBT Roundtable series happening inside the community
    • First Roundtable is July 22 at 10am Pacific
      • Topic: Agile Service Delivery with Ryan Morris and Manuel Palachuk
    • Second Roundtable scheduled for August 19th at 10am Pacific
      • Topic: Creativity and Finding your Authentic Voice with John Armato

Next meetings:

  • Weekly Community Confab: Every Thursday at 9am Pacific
  • Third Thursday: August 20 at 9am Pacific