January Roundtable: The Hard Truth about Success

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with Author, Coach, and Consultant Larry Mandelberg.

We’ve moved the SBT Roundtable meetings to “First Thursday” of each month. So, we’ll kick off 2021 with our first first-Thursday meeting!

Our special guest is business coach Larry Mandelberg, author of

Businesses Don’t Fail, They Commit Suicide
8 Steps to Avoid Being Blindsided by What’s Around the Corner

Thursday, Jan 7, 2021
9:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Larry says: “No Business Ever Failed due to external forces. They fail because success brings unfamiliar problems without instructions on how to handle them.”

Larry Mandelberg is a consultant, speaker and author. He is an effective catalyst for change who has solved intractable problems and achieved new levels of efficiency and success for businesses in multiple industries. A prolific writer, Larry has published more than 80 columns. His first book, Businesses Don’t Fail, They Commit Suicide is scheduled for release in 2021. A sought-after speaker, he has delivered more than 60 business-changing keynotes and workshops.