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Bigger Brains Supports Remote Work

Bigger Brains

Since so many are suddenly finding themselves to work remotely, online training company Bigger Brains has sent an update about how they can help. See Chips’ update here:

What we’ve done at first is put some of our training online for free on YouTube, as you can see in this blog post.  Now, it’s only two relevant courses: Microsoft Teams Essentials (the mini version of our Mastering Teams course), and later we added Microsoft Forms Essentials after hearing some classroom teachers are struggling to figure out how to do testing now that they’re teaching online.  Plus we’ve posted some outdated but still helpful content like Mastering Excel 2010.

If you see other ways we can help, let me know.  In particular, if you know any teachers, school systems, or others who could benefit from our training right now but don’t have a budget for it, we’re happy to work with you to donate training licenses to your clients and friends when appropriate.

In regular news – we just launched an awesome sales training course, Competitive Selling, and another series of “Excel in 30 Minutes” courses.  Oh, and by popular request we’ve added our first Salesforce course too.

As always, let us know what we can do to improve Bigger Brains for you and your clients. And be sure to wash your hands.

P.S. There’s a great article called “What Does COVID-19 Mean for MSPs?“, up on the Cloudradial blog here.  We’ll be announcing our integration with Cloudradial in a couple of weeks – like Invarosoft and DeskDirector they’re part of a growing set of client-engagement apps for MSPs, and well worth a look.

Remember also that Community Members get a great deal over at Bigger Brains with a free training log in, plus a discount on the MSP Reseller program. Give a shout to Kara to get connected.

Not a member yet? Today’s your day! Get all of the resources delivered anywhere you can connect to the internet, whether you’re working remotely or not. 🙂

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