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Dave Sobel to Join the SBT Roundtable – April 1st

Long-time community leader Dave Sobel joins us for the April SBT Roundtable. Members will find the link in your Dashboard.

Dave is a former MSP and has worked with a few vendors. Currently, he runs the MSP Radio network, producing the Business of Tech podcast and videos.

And, of course, Dave is a co-host on the Killing IT podcast.

For many years, Dave has been a community builder and a pioneer in the SMB IT consulting community. He is, quite honestly, a thought leader of the first order!

About the SBT Roundtable

The SBT Roundtable is a special program inside the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community. We meet once a month (on the First Thursday of the month) in a webinar format via Zoom.

Basically, we have a high-level conversation that we hope adds some “mental DNA” to the normal business- and tech-focused discussions that we normally find ourselves in.

Members have found these meetings very educational.

If you are a member of the SBT Technology Community: Plan to Join us! The link is at the top of your dashboard.

If you are NOT a Community member, please Join Us . . . and then you can plan to join us!


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