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Final Week of Client Onboarding Class

In case you missed the first two weeks, you can catch up right away.

Week One of the Client Onboarding class covered the “first job” you do for a client. It’s all about controlling the interaction and expectations.

Week Two went over the detailed Client Onboarding Checklist.

Week Three is Wednesday, April 24th, and will cover the transition to a maintenance-based relationship with the client.

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Everything’s recorded. Catch up now and join us live Wednesday!


Cloud Services in a Month – FREE to Members!

As promised . . .

When I create something new, Community Members will receive it at no additional charge.

I am proud to announce that the “writing” part of Cloud Services in a Month is complete. It’s just over 300 pages, plus lots of juicy downloads.

Immediate Offer for Community Members: If you would like to get an early copy and be an official proofreader, please email karas@smallbizthoughts.com and put “Proofreader” in the subject line. Just agree to send us any problems you see.

Time Line for Release:

I have sent the draft to an editor and my paid proofreader. In an ideal world, we will have the PDF version of the book ready to distribute by April 30th. At that point, it will be available for all members to download inside the community, zipped up with all the handouts.

Assuming we make that target, it should be available on Kindle by the end of May.

And if we’re super lucky, the physical printed book will be available by the end of May as well. That might be pushing it. You see, after it gets laid out in print format, all the editing and proofreading has to start again.

The audio book will be out at some point in 2019.

Thank you all for your support!

  • Karl P.

Technician Billability Calculations – Exclusively in the Community

Brian also sent me a spreadsheet on calculating income per technician based on base salary. With the goal of having each technician billing at least twice their annual salary, the target billability would be about 58%. That is almost exactly what I advise with a minimum of 60% billability for most technicians.


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Karlโ€™s Chart of Accounts โ€“ Exclusive in the Community

Karlโ€™s Chart of Accounts โ€“ Exclusive in the Community

At the Community Meeting March 29th, Ram requested a Chart of Accounts.

As it turns out, I put something together for a presentation last year. I tuned it up a bit and uploaded it into the Community.

This is yet another item that is exclusive to the Community and wonโ€™t be offered to the general public.


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