TCP/IP Troubleshooting

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TCP/IP Troubleshooting – A Very Practical Workshop

This seminar is an introduction to troubleshooting networks. It is intended to accompany the “Understanding TCP/IP” seminar. While the workshop does not require a thorough understanding of networking in general, or TCP/IP specifically, it does assume a basic understanding of these.

As with so many things in technology, most problems come down to incorrect settings. But with networking you also need to look about for physical connectivity issues and typos. When do you suspect each of these, and how do you start troubleshooting to maximize success?

We start with some basic guidelines about troubleshooting that are good for any technician. Then, we’ll look at the most common problems you are likely to see, and the best tools to use for basic troubleshooting. And along the way, you’ll pick up lots of golden nuggets.

TCP/IP Troubleshooting Workshop
Jul 26, 2023
9:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

This seminar includes LOTS of test scenarios and example problems. It also includes a “problems” handout with some test scenarios you can use to test yourself and your staff on the basics of network troubleshooting. Note: The problems assume that you have taken both the “Understanding TCP/IP” seminar and “TCP/IP Troubleshooting” workshop.