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Karl's Books

PDF, audio, and Kindle formats for all of Karl Palachuk’s books. Consume as a whole or access relevant chapters across all books.

Karl's White Papers

Focused attention on specialized topics. Includes quick how-to guides.

Karl's Calendar

What’s going on within the Community and out in the “real” world? Webinar schedules, conference schedules, community calls, and more.

Classes & Seminars

Ramp up quickly. All classes include lots of handout, individual time with the instructor, and great education. All are recorded for download later.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Whether you want to talk with fellow owners, service managers, technicians, or super hardware geeks, we’ve got a forum just for you.

Audio Programs

Seminars, webinars, books, and more. If you love “audio” learning, we’ve got the resources for you.

Client-Facing Resources

Sample slide decks, presentations, marketing letters, and more. All designed so you can customize with your logo and branding.

New Technology

IoT. LED lighting. Artificial Intelligence. Big Data. Blockchain. Find out how companies are making real money with emerging technologies.


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