Worksheet – Hardware Catalog

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From Chapter 12 of Managed Services in a Month

All business eventually evolve so they have a standard set of offerings. It’s a good idea to formalize this list. It will be the official list of products you provide to your client most frequently. This is the “physical” stuff that has to exist in a client’s office.

This list is called a “Line Card” and it’s important to keep it consistent over time to maximize your relationship with the vendors you choose. It also increases your knowledge of these specific products, including knowledge of their marketing, promotions, rebates, etc.

If you don’t have an official Line Card already, I recommend it. All you need is a skinny 1/2″ binder. Collect the current SKUs for the products you sell the most. If there’s a current promotion, put notes in their. Just be sure to clean it out regularly! This is not just another junk pile.

Ch 12 Catalog Hardware-Worksheet.docx