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The Break Room is Open!


A few of you have noticed the “Break Room” link on the left-side menu (at the bottom). There hasn’t been much posted until now.

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I am happy to announce that we are now activating that feature in the Community and posting super-cool, movies and TV shows that are in the public domain.

The materials in this site are – to the best of my knowledge – in the public domain for one reason or another. Items might be without copyright due to a mistake (including some very famous movies), or because the authors/producers have been dead for a specific amount of time, or because the creators place them in the public domain.

ANYWAY – here’s what we have to start with: UFO! 

UFO is a delightful, campy sci fi series from the UK. It is the precursor to Space 1999. Produced in 1969-1970, it is supposedly set in 1980. It’s full of fun hair styles, clothes, model space rockets, and corny explosions. 26 episodes for your viewing pleasure!


We also have the original 1916 movie 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I love this movie, which is actually the combination of two Jules Verne novels. It has an impressive story line, a handful of nerdy sci-fi features intertwined with some Pacific Island scenes.

One cool thing about putting these two features side-by-side is the homage of the “Skydiver” craft in UFO to the Nautilus in 20,000 Leagues.


If you nerd out on old movies and TV shows, I think you’ll like these. More to come. Welcome to Break Room!

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