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SBT Roundtable – Meeting link change


Beginning July 1 with guest Brett Jaffe, SBT Roundtables will be on our regular meeting link we all use for Community Confabs and Third Thursdays.

This means that every Thursday at 9am Pacific, view the link to join us here

Prior to this, Roundtables have taken place on a separate link so we could use Zoom Webinar. We’re making the change for a few reasons:

  1. To simplify our meetings – during every Roundtable, we would receive at least one email asking how to join, or wondering where everyone was. Now there is just one link, for all meetings.
  2. You can easily make a repeating event on your calendar now. Before, since Outlook doesn’t accept repeating events “for all Thursdays except for the 1st of the month,” you had to do it by hand.
  3. This will make the event a bit more social. While we’ll still ask for everyone to stay muted during for the majority of the Roundtable, we would love to see your cameras on so our guests can gauge response and there can be some interaction. Depending on timing, we may be able to open it up all mics at the end.

What to do with the webinar link? Delete it 🙂

Questions? Send a note to [email protected]