SBT Roundtable – July Recording Posted – Agile in Service Delivery


Roundtable: Agile in Service Delivery – July 2020

The first SBT Roundtable! And the topic is: Agile Methodology in IT Service Delivery

Beginning in July, we are introducing a new and unique forum for IT consultants – the SBT Roundtable.

Our goal is to create an opportunity to engage in high-level discussions about successful business methods. We will NOT have vendors or sponsors. We will not talk about which RMM to use, or a hundred other topics that are being discussed everywhere else.

The format is a conversation between Karl and two industry thought leaders. Our goal is to discuss things at a very high level. Our first session is a great example of that. Panelists are paid to provide unique content to our members. Yes, we welcome questions and participation from the audience.

The inaugural SBT Roundtable features Ryan Morris of the Morris Management Partners and Manuel Palachuk of Manuel Palachuk International. The topic is:

Agile Methodology in IT Service Delivery

Recorded July 2020