QuickBooks Desktop Class – week one posted

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Week One of Rayanne’s super-popular QuickBooks class is complete and posted.

Community Members who registered can access now.

If you haven’t registered yet, you still can. Members can still register for only $99 – save $160 with the code you can find here: https://www.smallbizthoughts.org/forums/topic/offers-freebies-deals/

Annual Members who renew their annual membership will receive a code to receive all five-week classes for FREE. If you renewed and need your code, please contact Kara at [email protected].

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A bit on the class:

QuickBooks has to be set up right. Then it has to be used right. Then you need to have specific processes for the kinds of things you do in YOUR business. QuickBooks has some great interview-based setup parameters that differentiate between a “service” business and a storefront.

But QuickBooks does NOT have a configuration setting tailored specifically for a technology consulting business! There is no “MSP” option when you install QuickBooks.