Posted: Community Confab October 8, 2020

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Our energy was a bit low today but a good meeting still nonetheless.

We kicked off with some indoor gardening tips from Amy for growing Lemons during a Michigan Winter – we know this is the content you came here for 😉

But then around min 10, Lynette asks for feedback on her pricing list, if she should have separate lists for commercial vs home-based clients and also how granular her QuickBooks accounting needs to be.

Around minute 25, Chris asks about the pragmatic task of asset tags.

Around min 40, David rounds us out with a win on hardware sales.

Jeff then shares about a need for used computers and devices in Cambodia to help with a nonprofit group called AIM he and Karl went to support back in February (or was it January) of this year.

Then, well, we chat about forest fires, Jeff’s lineage of lumberjacks, and, oh yeah – Karl’s daughter is getting married Saturday – Congrats, Karl! (And for anyone raising an eyebrow at a wedding, know that it will be an intimate and socially responsible affair.)