Posted – Community Confab October 23, 2020


The weather is getting cooler and Halloween is just around the corner. So, naturally, we spent some time socializing, sharing how we plan to spend the holiday, and what precautions are required or are being taken. The common theme was a table set up with socially distanced candy. The subtheme was providing adult beverages for the moms and dads.

Of course, we did switch over to more technology-centric topics:

0:11 – Acronis Conference recap

13 – What it takes to become a Microsoft MVP

0:16 – Webcams

0:22 – Shortages of Covid (toilet paper.. webcams.. tonic water..) You know – very important topics of the day

0:27 – Halloween

0:31 – Working with an MSSP for a client requiring (or wanting) security features beyond what the MSP is capable of

0:45 – Who is responsible if (when) something goes wrong

0:55 – Best Practices: do they actually exist? How do we know they’re the best?

1:0:00 – Privacy/HIPAA etc