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Technology Community by Karl W. Palachuk

Posted: Community Confab August 27, 2020


Check out the replay from this morning’s member meeting

We kick off with suggestions on how to take a step back as the business owner and start delegating and trusting your team.

Of course this takes solid processes and procedures – tune in for tips on this, too.

0:22:00 – Lynette shared a huge win by not signing a potential client

0:38:40 – Karl asks about the need for client-facing handouts/cheat sheets

  • Top 10 ways to avoid ransomware
  • Videoconferencing setup, an infographic
  • Secure at work, but what about at home?
  • How to sanitize your machine (from Covid germs, etc)

0:47:00 – Training clients on handling phishing campaigns

0:58:30 – Is anyone using AutoTask API? And why Chris wants to use it

Those are the main points – see ya’ll next week! 🙂