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Stop doing it alone.

What could you accomplish with the resources and support of an entire community?

You want to charge what you’re worth, sign the best clients, and experience consistent, repeatable success.

So what’s stopping you?

Imposter syndrome.

Worries that you’re not good enough. That your policies and procedures can’t stand on their own.

That you haven’t done enough to stop your client from getting sued. Or you, for that matter.

GUESSING is getting in your way.

It’s sucked all the energy from your business and left you wondering if this is really the right path for you.

And THAT’S what kills IT Service businesses.

Okay so: how do you stop guessing and become a confident MSP business owner with unshakable processes?

Because you’re trying. You’ve been trying.

You’ve gone to webinars and signed up for classes and spent more time than you’d like to admit on r/msp.

The free templates you’ve downloaded haven’t helped, either.

A note from Karl

Hi, I’m Karl. I built and sold two successful IT service companies in Sacramento, CA. I am one of the founders of the Managed Services business model. I moved my company, and most of our clients 100% to the cloud in 2007-2008. I’ve written over twenty books – mostly on how you can run a better consulting business.

Along the way, I’ve done all the “stuff” you need to do to be successful. I’ve hired and fired people. I’ve built an awesome culture – more than once. I’ve sold hardware, software, and hosted services. I’ve designed bundles and managed the teams that delivered the service.

I have trained many thousands of consultants all over the world on managed services, cloud services, and work-life balance. And I take a few coaching clients every year.

But all of those things have a serious limitation: They limit how many people I can help!

The SBT Community includes all the content I’ve created over the last two decades. All the books in PDF, Kindle, and audio formats. Plus thousands and thousands of pages of additional downloads.

Our mission is to make YOU as successful as possible.

Get the most out of your membership

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you join . . .

Each membership level requires a 1-year minimum commitment. The reason is simple: the sole mission is for to make YOU as successful as possible. Committing to a minimum of one year gives you time to take courses, utilize resources, and apply real, business-enhancing change to your company or team.

No. You are locked in at whatever price you begin your membership.

Occasionally, prices will increase for *new* signups. These increases will not apply to you as long as you maintain a valid membership.

You can be sure that today’s price is the best price to start your membership.

Our best discount is to join the Annual membership. This gives you free access to all courses at Great Little Seminar, currently worth over $6,000.

Sure! Upon signing up, we can arrange a 1:1 meeting wherein Karl can help with whatever is on your mind.

Of course! Please send us a message at [email protected]