A Practical Introduction to Relax Focus Succeed

New three-week mini class for September!

Whenever someone hears this book title for the first time, they think, “I need that.”

Well, yes you do. Here’s a quick introduction to the philosophy of Relax Focus Succeed. Course includes the ebook version of the revised edition of Relax Focus Succeed.

RFS is a guide to balancing your personal and professional lives and being more successful in both. It lays out my philosophy of finding success without driving myself 80 hours a week, being constantly stressed out, or having a heart attack.

In modern small businesses – especially in technology – there’s a sense that we have to be 100% on all the time and never rest. And that leads to all kinds of personal problems, as well as reduced job performance. We KNOW we have to stop this insane behavior but we tell ourselves we can’t.

Join us for a fun, educational, and possibly life-changing mini course.

Taught by the author.

– Classes are generally 30-60 minutes. All classes are recorded.

Taught on three Wednesdays in September. Dates:

  • September 11th – 8:00 AM Pacific / 11:00 AM Eastern
  • September 18th – 8:00 AM Pacific / 11:00 AM Eastern
  • September 25th – 8:00 AM Pacific / 11:00 AM Eastern

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