Mike Semel’s Disaster Checklist for Everyone – 2020 Update


One of our Community Leaders, Mike Semel, has produced a VERY handy Disaster Checklist for Everyone – 2020 Update.

(You can catch up with Mike at https://www.semelconsulting.com/.)

This is a GREAT, and very practical checklist for your personal and business life.

Every day we see news about severe storms and wildfires. Is your family prepared? How about your business?
You need supplies for all the possible people you will have to shelter. Make sure you have enough.
Please share this with your family and business associates.

This six-page PDF Includes very specific list of items you can buy on Amazon. (Generators, lights, power supplies, water filters, etc.)

Topics Include:

Family / Business Communications Plan
Water – Water systems may be contaminated and unsafe for 3 or more days
Cash – Credit cards won’t work if power and communications go down.
Automobile – gas pumps won’t work if power fails
Cell phones
Generators – can use 7 – 10 gallons of gasoline PER DAY
Hand-crank weather radio
Flashlights/LED lanterns
Common Sense
Don’t panic
Short Description: Checklist in PDF format