John Armato . . . Think Inside the Box


A really great presentation about creativity in your business.

Think Inside The Box
with John Armato

Originally recorded for the SMB Online Conference. This audio program is available exclusively inside the SBT Technology Community!

Who hasn’t been told to “think outside of the box”? The intent is great, but over time the concept has come to imply the ability to pluck ideas from nothingness, which is to believe in magic, not the creative process. The truth is, when you ask people to think outside the box it creates intimidation, anxiety, and insecurity. Yet creativity has never been more important in the careers of individuals, the success of organizations, and the future of communities. That’s why it’s time to rethink the greatest cliché of creativity. Think Inside The Box is designed to bring creativity to professionals who aren’t necessarily professional “creatives.” It is an organic, practical and demystifying approach to the creative process.

This is a 50-minute presentation in audio format with PDF.